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Step into our captivating collection, a realm where classic snake action intertwines with a myriad of thrilling possibilities. Dive headfirst into the nostalgic waters of the original snake game or embark on a voyage into uncharted territories, where each twist and turn presents new challenges to conquer. Within this diverse menagerie, you'll encounter snake games that paint the screen with a symphony of vivid colors and transport you into immersive 3D landscapes. In these adrenaline-pumping adventures, take the reins of your agile cobra, all in pursuit of those delectable apples, while deftly sidestepping menacing power-ups that threaten to thwart your journey. Bonuses await the intrepid, but tread cautiously, for the perilous specter of self-collision looms, a fiery finale to your serpentine escapade. Whether you opt for a grand spectacle on your PC, the convenience of your mobile phone, or the portability of your tablet, our Snake Games are just a click away, accessible for free via your web browser. Here, you'll find yourself entwined in the art of slithering, a virtual playground on Poki where your adventure unfolds. Navigating our snake games is an effortless endeavor, suitable for players of all stripes. Simply employ the arrow keys on your trusty keyboard to traverse the digital canvas. As the sands of time trickle away, your serpent avatar will elongate, weaving a web of complexity as you strive to evade your own tail. Survival yields rewards in the form of precious points. Chart your course wisely, and you may find yourself basking in the glory of a newfound high score. For those with a taste for novelty, consider taking control of a majestic dragon soaring through the heavens or a humble worm on a quest to gather elusive bugs. Regardless of your chosen path, our constellation of challenges promises to captivate and entertain, ensuring hours of unbridled excitement.