Battlefield Truck Simulator

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Battlefield Truck Simulator Review on Poki
If you're a fan of military transport simulation games, then you'll love Battlefield Truck Simulator. In this free online game, players take on the role of military truck drivers. Their primary objective is to transport cargo from one military base to another. To do this, they must drive carefully and avoid dangerous sections of road.

Unlike other truck simulation games, Battlefield Truck Simulator has a realistic driving feel. In addition to the realistic truck driving, the game offers real-life-looking vehicles, realistic environments, and realistic weather. You can also customize your trucks and customize them according to your preferences. The game has a realistic, yet realistic physics system, which helps you control your vehicles. The graphics are great, and it's easy to get immersed in the game.

If you're a fan of Euro Truck Simulator, this game will definitely keep you busy for a couple of weeks. Although it offers limited gameplay and truck upgrades, the game is still interesting and fun to play for a while. As long as you understand that the game is a simulation and isn't a real game, you can still play it with your friends.

WASD or D-pad to play