Bff Witchy Transformation

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Bff Witchy Transformation - Play Poki Games Online
If you like Disney princesses, you'll love the Bff Witchy Transformation. This game has three characters: Cinderella, Merida, and Ariel. The Bffs are princesses, but bored with their everyday lives. So, they decide to try being witches.

Bff Witchy Transformation is a game for girls based on the Disney princesses. It involves dressing up the characters in a variety of outfits and accessories. Players can even choose to change their eye colors. Players will need to apply makeup and hairstyles to achieve the perfect transformation.

Players can choose to change the look of their witches by selecting the option that suits them the best. This game also lets you customize the looks of your witches by adding jewelry, accessories, and more. This means that you can change their appearance to look more modern or stylish. It's a great way to have fun this Halloween!

To transform the witch into a normal girl, you need to change her hairstyle and dress up her wardrobe. You can also choose from a variety of fashionable clothes and accessories. The witch's hands and face will appear on the screen as you go through the various transformation stages. You can customize her looks by choosing from various icons on the bottom panel.

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