Blocks Match Game

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Poki Games - Blocks Match Game
In Blocks Match Game, you pick and drop sets of blocks to form horizontal and vertical rows. If you don't complete a row, the row is removed from the board. You can complete three or more rows in one drop. To win, you must complete three rows or three lines. To play, you must use the mouse to drag and drop the blocks.

Blocks Match Game is a free online Match 3 game where you match similar blocks to score points. The game has many challenging levels, and players can play against other players online. The game requires that you use the left mouse button to move the blocks. After you match three or more blocks, you can move on to the next level.

The Blocks Match Game helps kids develop the fundamentals of classification. By sorting objects by color, shape, and other characteristics, children will learn how to match objects by their attributes. These skills are the foundation of understanding mathematics. Children will also get a sense of order by playing this game. Ultimately, this game will help kids become better problem solvers.

Click and drag the mouse to play.