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How to Catch the Cats Quickly and Humanely
When you have to trap a cat, there are a few things you can do to make the process go easier on both you and the feline. These tips will help you catch a cat quickly and humanely.

Trapping a cat
If you’re trying to capture a stray cat, the first step is to identify the animal and where it is living. This will help you choose the right type of trap and bait. You can also ask for advice from a local veterinarian, shelter or rescue group.

A Havahart trap is a good choice. These are simple to set and take down, and they don’t require any special equipment.

Line the bottom of the trap with newspaper, and fill it with food. Then place it near an area you know the cat spends time.

Feeding a cat before trapping it can make the experience of entering the trap less scary for them, especially if you’re using smelly foods.

You can try a variety of foods as bait for a trap, but it is important to feed strays solid cat food and not milk or other dairy products that might cause problems.

Once a cat is in the trap, be sure to cover it with a blanket or towel in cold weather and a sheet in hot weather. This will calm the cat down and keep it from thrashing around once the trap door closes.

Some cats will even get used to a trap after being trapped several times, so be patient and don’t panic when you first see one in the trap. Some cats will even eat the trap’s food before it clicks shut, which can slow down the trap’s operation and make it more likely that your target cat will eventually enter it.

If a stray cat refuses to enter a trap, the best solution is to use your phone and play a video of kittens meowing in order to lure them in. If you can get the mother cat into the trap, she may think her kittens are calling for her and will enter to find them.

The trapping process can be stressful for all involved, but it can be made more manageable by using a blanket or towel to protect your skin from scratches and bites. Be sure to keep a cool, dark room in which you can move the trapped cat so she will be more comfortable after being caught.

It can be helpful to keep a teddy bear or stuffed animal nearby in case the cat becomes aggressive. If you can get the cat to lick the toy, this can help it relax and stop attacking you or other animals.

You can also try a cat carrier, which makes it much easier to transport a trapped cat from the scene to your home. This can be a great way to save the cat’s life, but it is not an ideal method if the cat is ill or injured and needs immediate medical attention.

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