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Almost 85% of participants in the sport today are female. Cheer is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, which is largely due to its ability to be both fun and competitive. It is a high-level sport that combines the thrill of overdog dominance with the emotional pull of underdog rise. It is a very athletic activity, requiring great strength and flexibility. It is also a team sport, meaning that you must work as part of a group to achieve success.

The best way to start learning about cheerleading is to talk to current cheerleaders and attend tryouts. You can also take cheerleading classes at your local recreation department or college.

Depending on the level of competition, all-star cheerleaders are grouped by age and skill. They are paired with other athletes and are required to prepare for different competitions throughout the year. Most all-star teams participate in between six and ten competitions per year. The routine is performed for two and a half minutes, and a panel of judges scores the routine. Most of the time, this is a stunt-filled performance that involves tumbling, pyramids, jumps, and gymnastics tumble pass.

A good example of a stunt is the "top girl," which is a cheerleader who is catapulted from the ground while doing a high jump. The top girl is usually a tiny, flexible cheerleader. In this particular stunt, the cheerleader is able to hold her balance on the backs of her fellow cheerleaders.

Another example is the "ribiosis," which is the sensation of spinning in the air and falling down. This is due to the fact that your arm or leg might catch on the arms of your teammates. This is often a sign that your muscles are getting tired.

The Navarro College cheerleaders are a fascinating subject for a documentary. These girls are tiny in size and incredibly athletic. They weigh themselves obsessively and do extra sit-ups at night to ensure they look their best in their tiny uniforms.

The Navarro College cheerleading team was the subject of a six-episode Netflix documentary series. Season 2 premiered on January 12. The series follows Maddy Brum, a rookie cheerleader. Maddy grew up in Dracut, Massachusetts, and attended Dracut High School. She signed with Navarro and trained under Coach Monica. She has won four state championships with her team. She currently lives in Corsicana, Texas. She expressed some difficulty moving to the small, conservative town, but hopes to make it to the NCAA tournament next season.

Aside from its many technical complexities, cheerleading is an excellent example of an exercise that promotes flexibility and physical fitness. Practicing with the proper equipment, such as pom poms, will help you gain the necessary strength to perform as a cheerleader. You will also need to be flexible in order to move quickly and gracefully as you execute a stunt.

Despite its seemingly easy life, Cheer is a demanding sport. It requires the best in athletic ability and the most commitment. You'll have to train, practice, and attend clinics and camps to stay in shape.

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