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CrateMage Games on Poki Games Online
Cratemage is an online game where you have to fix luminous balls into wooden boxes in order to move forward. The game has 20 levels and involves physics and reasoning, and the goal is to get to the exit of each dungeon. The game can be played with the arrow keys and the mouse.

The game requires you to solve puzzles and complete tasks in a short period of time. You will need to arrange the containers in a specific order in order to reach the dungeon's treasure. To do this, you will need to use a magic orb to join them together and coordinate their movement. There are 20 different puzzles in Cratemage and you will need to solve each one quickly.

CrateMage is a puzzle game that can be played with two players. In the game, you control a box character and have to synchronize your movements with other players to move through dungeons. Each puzzle has different levels of difficulty. In order to complete the game, you must complete a dungeon and escape the dangerous dungeon.

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