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Crazy Tycoon Review - Play Poki Games Online For Free
Whether you're a fan of business simulation games or are simply looking for a new free online game, Crazy Tycoon is a good choice. This city building game is fun to play and is full of interesting features. You'll be able to build a mansion, hire employees, and run a hotel, cinema, or shopping mall. There are also mini games, which can be fun to play.

The game's main objective is to make as much money as you can. You earn this money by clicking on objects. The more money you earn, the more you can build. For example, you can earn a lot of cash by placing a hamburger stand or a milk tea stand at your plaza. You can even upgrade these buildings to increase your income. You can also recruit new managers and employees by hiring them with your money.

You can watch advertisements on the game's screen to double your earnings. You can also use diamonds to buy additional multipliers. These diamonds can be purchased with real money or earned by completing achievements. They are also used to purchase more expensive and larger buildings.

Unlike some other business simulation games, Crazy Tycoon is not all about getting rich. Instead, the game's main goal is to create a successful business empire. This includes recruiting and training workers and managers to help you build up your business. You can improve the appearance of your buildings and hire celebrities to promote your business. In fact, you can even build a high-class restaurant chain.

You can make a small amount of money by starting the game. Once you've earned a small fortune, you can move on to bigger and better things. You'll want to expand your territory to generate more revenue and grow your business. In addition, you'll want to add new buildings and objects to your plaza.

There are some nice touches to the game, such as a map of the city. You can click on the map to see what areas are available. You can then drag the mouse to move around the map. You can even use your finger to navigate the map by sliding your finger up and down. You'll also be able to click on the main building to generate cash.

Another nifty feature of the game is the ability to watch popular movies and TV shows. You can use your Amazon Prime account to purchase them for a fee, or you can get a free trial.

A final feature that you'll probably find appealing is the ability to buy items with in-game cash. You can buy anything from an extra multiplier to early access to scratch lotto tickets. However, this option is only available if you've logged in to your Amazon Prime account.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how you want to play. There is no real winner or loser in this game. If you decide to spend your hard-earned money, you'll be able to expand your empire and become the biggest tycoon on the planet.

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