Crypt Rush

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If you're new to Crypt Rush, you may be wondering what units you should be using and how to set up your team to dominate the game. For this type of game, there are many different strategies you can follow. For example, a Nightelf 2v2 team focuses on aura abuse and will train up Priestess of the Moon for a trueshot aura. Undead teams should focus on pumping crypt fields, and a Death Knight hero can do this. In addition, a Nightelf with an Owl Scout provides map control and can be used to catch creeping players.

The graphics of Crypt Rush are retro in style and resemble those of Tomb Raider GO and Tomb of the Mask. It has many unique levels where you must collect keys and evade danger characters. You can also collect platforms to advance to the next level. It is important to keep your eyes peeled for these platforms in order to survive.

Crypt Fiends are extremely useful units for early game play. They have an immense amount of hit points, and their attack and armor can be upgraded while they're still in spawning. They can also act as a tower, and can be used to build multiple buildings at once. Farms can be useful for gathering resources, but they're very vulnerable to destruction. You should avoid destroying them too early if you don't have enough gold in your necropolis.

Rush doesn't have any experience in sword fighting, but he refuses to kill the corporeal ghost Cutter. Cutter, on the other hand, is an ancient man who defended the vault against an invasion. After the violence that ensued, Cutter continues to live in solitude. Aside from being a ghost, the Cutter also leaves behind a treasure.

A Crypt Lord is another option you can try. He will spawn crypt fiends and Ziggurats, and will have the ability to burrow into enemy bases. In addition, a Death Knight can nuke opponents and heal units. These units can also supply units for your base or attack the enemy.

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