Eight and Nine and Snooker

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Poki Games - Eight and Nine and Snooker
Snooker is a cue sport, in which players try to pocket object balls in order to score points. The ball used is usually a white cue ball, but there are also pink, yellow, blue and black object balls. Unlike billiards, snooker uses a different type of table and is more popular in the UK. Traditionally, the size of snooker tables are ten feet, but American and European players prefer a larger table.

Each player has his or her own set of snooker balls, which are two 1/8 inch in diameter. Each ball is colored differently, with seven colors including white, red, yellow, blue, black and pink. These balls can be purchased in a box. Usually, a new set of balls is retrieved at the beginning of the game.

Each game of snooker has a set of rules, but there are many terms that are often used to explain a mistake. A "bad roll" is a shot that rolls out of the pocket, while a "fault stroke" is a shot that doesn't hit a solid sphere. Some terms can be slang, like "chip" for illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

A key shot is a shot that creates a position for a final shot. This shot is used to get an advantage on a difficult situation, such as a Chinese puzzle. It also allows the player to get a good position for clearing balls.

The game has three variations: snooker, pool and Chinese Pool. All of them are played on a table with pockets, and a different number of balls are used in each. In snooker, the goal is to score points, while in pool and Chinese Pool the goal is to bounce the cue ball off the other two balls.

If you have a good position, you can pocket a single ball. There is also a special safety shot called the in and safe. If your shot hits the OB, you can return control of the table to your opponent.

During a snooker match, the player can either use a cross or an "X" shaped head to shoot at the OB. For example, a cross-side is a shot off a long rail, while a cocked hat is a 3-rail bank shot. Alternatively, a jagged edge is a ball that sticks out from a large cluster of other balls.

Another common term for a "bounce" is a "kick" or a "skid". In a skid, the CB bounces off the cushion and then rebounds off the table surface. When a player has a good stance, they can get a good view of the ball.

The last ball on the table is the break ball. After a break, a player can use a shot at the OB to break the game. Also, a jump shot is a shot that bounces off the table. Similarly, a fouette is a shot that uses the deflection of the cue.

The break box is a rectangular area on a pool table. It is where the break shot and a shot at the last OB of the game are taken.