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Fashion Nail Art Diy Blog
Whether you're an experienced nail artist or a beginner, you can find plenty of tips, tricks, and advice to help you improve your skills on the SoNailicious nail art blog. Founded by Australian nail artist Maria Vlezko, SoNailicious boasts more than 50,000 monthly visitors, making it one of the top nail art blogs in Australia. Its signature features include The Nail File, Expert Advice, and Nail Art Gallery. In addition to the tutorials, SoNailicious also offers rare nail polishes and a selection of the latest nail art tools.

SoNailicious is the brainchild of Maria Vlezko, an Australian nail artist who has worked for brands including Mint Polish, Sea Siren, and Revitanail. Her mission is to elevate nail art culture by showing her followers how to achieve a manicure that is both beautiful and practical. She travels the world in search of inspiration for her new range of nail art brushes.

SoNailicious is a comprehensive nail care and nail art blog that features expert advice and step-by-step tutorials. The site is an online magazine that is ranked as the top nail art blog in Australia. It also includes nail art videos, product reviews, and business guides. Unlike many other sites, SoNailicious actually has its own YouTube channel where you can see how the site's featured artists create their works of art.

Another nail art blog that is worth checking out is Adventures in Acetone. The site is run by Jacki, a freelance nail artist who spends up to 40 hours a week maintaining her website. The site features unique nail arts inspired by various areas of life. Among the most popular designs are those inspired by popular characters. The site also features a "How to Give Yourself a Manicure" section, as well as other useful tips.

Another nail art blog is Fuck Yeah Nail Art. This site offers a wide variety of easy-to-follow trends, as well as easy and complex nail art designs. The site also has a handy color-by-color search option.

Another great nail art blog is JeeA Lee's Nail Art. This blog is a fun one to check out. It's a great place to find new nail designs, as well as a few quirky ideas. The site has a wide variety of designs to choose from, including nail art that uses candy.

If you are looking for more in-depth instructions, try out Nailed It. This nail blog is run by Donny and Ginny Gear, two renowned nail artists. They have been featured on Glamour, BuzzFeed, and Stylelist. They offer step-by-step instructions on everything from nail art to the best way to clean up your nails. They also offer a section on "How to Give Yourself a Manicure" that teaches you how to apply nail polish with a brush and remove old varnish with a nail file.

Finally, there is the Princess Fashion Nail Art DIY Blog. This game is a browser action that allows you to interact with Disney characters and to boost your creativity. You can play it on your PC or mobile device. The game has an average rating of 3.93, and it's been played by thousands of gamers. You can play it for free.

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