Good Guys vs Bad Guys 2022

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Good Guys Vs Bad Guys 2022 Game Review
The sequel to the popular Good Guys vs. Bad Guys series will be set in 2022, and it will follow the gang of animal outlaws, who are now turned into good citizens. The film stars Marc Maron, Awkwafina, Anthony Ramos, Lilly Singh, and Sam Rockwell. The film has a message for everyone, from children to adults, and is a must-see for movie lovers.

The plot begins with a new heist at a grand gala. However, Wolf is unable to complete the plan and is distracted by Marmalade, a woman disguised as an old lady who helped him in the past. Marmalade then manipulates the Bad Guys into taking the meteorite blame and frame them. After they get caught, Crimson Paw rescues them and exposes them as reformed criminals.