Grand Extreme Racing

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Grand Extreme Racing Game Review on Poki Games
Grand Extreme Racing is a racing game where players compete in high-speed races in Formula One cars. It has ten different maps, five different drivers, and a two-player mode. It is developed by RHM Interactive. The game is free to download from the Internet and is designed for both the PC and Mac.

In Grand Extreme Racing, you can choose to compete in two-player or competitive multiplayer mode. During competitive play, you must defeat a computer-controlled opponent. This is where you will earn coins and improve your car's abilities. You can also compete against friends or AI opponents. However, if you don't want to take on the AI, you can play single-player mode and race against other players.

The game is played using the arrow keys or WASD keys. The up arrow key moves your car forward or backward while the down arrow key moves it sideways. You can change the tires or the engine of your car to make it faster and improve its handling. You can also improve its performance by increasing its stats such as top speed, acceleration, handling, and brakes.

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