Ice And Fire Twins - Fighting Game

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Ice And Fire Twins - Fighting Game Guide
Game Description
In Ice And Fire Twins - Fighting Game, you can take on the role of two misers vying for control over the world's weather. While the girls may be polar opposites, they also have a lot in common, from their mutual innate power to their shared personality.

Defeating Justine and Caroline isn't as simple as it may seem, though. They're both Level 99 and use Baton Pass attacks to rip through your party if they get the chance. And if they manage to knock you down before you can take them out, they'll end the fight with an All-Out Attack.

To prepare for the fight, you should equip Joker with Personas that repel or drain incoming elemental attacks. These can help Joker avoid the damage while also bouncing the attacks back at the girls, dealing free damage.

The girls aren't especially strong against elements, but the fact that they attack in phase means that you can still deal significant damage to them. That's why it's best to bring a few Phantom Thieves who have awakened to their second Personas.

To make the fight as tough as possible, you should focus on dealing a significant amount of damage to the twins in each phase. They'll automatically enter a new phase once you've dealt enough damage to lower their HP below the threshold for it. However, if you haven't taken them out of the current phase before the six turns are up, they will down your entire party and finish with an All-Out Attack.

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