Jumpy Robot

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Jumpy Robot - A Poki Online Game
Jumpy Robot is an experimental robot that jumps to high places. It was designed in GameMaker Studio 2 as part of the OLC Codejam 2021 competition. The main idea behind Jumpy Robot was to make a jumpy game that was easy to edit. The data in each level can be edited using any text editor. The data includes how many chunks it consists of, the number of jumps in each chunk, and the player's x position.

Jumpy Robot is an interactive online game in which players can jump up platforms and collect energy. The robot needs batteries to keep on going. This means that it needs to be able to jump up and down to charge its energy. This is not always easy, so players will have to be patient and persistent to see results.

To make the Jumpy Robot jump high, it has two parts. The first part is the spring and the second is the actuator. The actuators store and use energy stored in the elastic jumpers. These components are both light and strong. The spring is designed to release energy quickly. The robot can then right itself to prepare for the next jump.

To make Jumpy Robot jump, the researchers built a robot with two jumping modes. One mode is similar to a human squat while the other is like a person lifting their feet off the floor. The second jump was a combination of both. The researchers used a mathematical model to determine which mode works better. They hope to improve robots by studying their movement.