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Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco. It offers trading of 214 cryptocurrencies, including over sixteen of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. In addition to trading, Kraken offers a staking program that allows users to earn rewards on coins in their wallets.

As a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken takes many measures to ensure its security and legal compliance. These include a high level of encryption for all data stored on its servers and a two-factor authentication (two-factor) system to protect customers' accounts.

With a low trading fee of just 0.9%, Kraken makes it easy to trade cryptos. The fees vary depending on the asset, but they are generally less than all of the major margin trading exchanges. Additionally, the company offers a Multi-Collateral Futures Wallet that allows users to set up a variety of collateral types and manage their positions without having to move funds.

Although there have been reports of hacked accounts on other exchanges, Kraken has never been compromised. The company has a strict system of account verification and monitoring, and its servers are protected by 24/7 surveillance. Furthermore, the platform is backed up daily with cryptographically-verifiable proof-of-reserves audits.

To sign up for an account, you need to provide an email address and a government-issued ID. Once you have completed these steps, you can begin to fund your account. Currently, the minimum age for Kraken's online trading services is 18 years old. However, certain features might require you to have a higher KYC level.

Before placing a trade on the platform, you must confirm your identity and address with a software wallet address that you have received in an email. This is an important step because until you have confirmed your identity, you can only place spot trades.

When you're ready to trade, you can choose from three options. You can either buy crypto using a Simple order, use the Intermediate order to input more complicated variables, or place a Conditional Close order to set up a specific condition for your order to execute.

Aside from the Basic and Advanced options, Kraken Pro is a more advanced trading platform. Users can access advanced features such as charts, graphs, market depth, and more. Trading fees on the Pro platform are reasonable and can decrease as your 30-day trade volume increases. Traders with a monthly trade volume of $10 million or more can enjoy zero trading fees.

Kraken also offers a wide range of collateral to choose from. You can move your crypto to a hardware wallet or use a Multi-Collateral Futures Lite Wallet to keep your investment safe and secure. For a fee, you can have Kraken fund your account in various fiat currencies. Among the fiat currencies supported are the U.S. dollar, British pound, and euros.

Although Kraken offers a number of features and support for both institutional and individual investors, it does not have deposit insurance. However, it is a reputable exchange.

Customers can access customer service from a wide variety of mediums, including email, chat, and phone. Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike some exchanges, Kraken does not limit its customer service to major holidays.

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