Little Panda's Truck Team

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Little Panda's Truck Team Review on Poki Games
Little Panda's Truck Team is an entertaining and educational car game for kids. In this game, kids will get to drive different kinds of trucks in different missions. The game also encourages children to have empathy by encouraging them to help others in need. As a bonus, they will also get a lot of exercise while playing the game.

The game features a number of characters that help the children learn and use their skills. In addition, the trucks have their own special abilities. They can drive them on the highway, pick up objects, and fix things. They can also use their truck to transport goods from one place to another. Some of the vehicles include dump trucks, big yellow cranes, tanks, wrecking balls, and bricks and wood. The players can also collect roofs so that they can build a house. The bulldozer is also useful for cleaning up.

The trucks aren't just vehicles, they can also be used for building and rescuing people. The trucks are assigned a specific task, and each has a different personality and image. There are twelve missions in this game that each truck can complete. Missions can range from factory rescue to amusement park construction.

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