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Maze Square Games - How to Draw a Maze
A maze square is a puzzle that requires the teams to follow a specific path to the exit. If the team takes the wrong steps, they must return to the beginning and begin again. Similarly, if a team member steps into a room that has a second exit, they must exit the room and go back to the beginning. This makes the maze difficult for the team and prevents them from moving forward.

One of the hardest parts of making a maze is figuring out how to draw a path through it. You will need to redraw the medium blue walls and add dead-ends, which connect the cut-off white bits to the main path. Once you understand how to draw a maze, you can then begin to play!

The main rule for a maze is that it should not contain any loops. This is to prevent branching mazes. Another rule is that the path should not intersect itself. The path should be long enough to be interesting but not so long that it fills up every hexagon. It should also leave blank areas for dead-ends.

A maze can also be made out of maize. To draw a maze square, you need to cut a square in paper with odd numbers of squares on the sides. Next, you need to draw the maze using a soft pencil. Make sure to alternate lines and columns, making a waffle pattern. You should also use white squares for the paths, while dark blue squares will be for walls.

Click the screen to operate according to the prompts