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MechWarrior Project Game Review
MechWarrior Project is an online game by Piranha Games. It's set in the MechWarrior universe and deals with the events of the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere, a period of time in the fictional world between 3052 and 3057.

The game is available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. Players can purchase a range of MechWarrior packs to unlock more 'Mechs and other items. PGI has also released time-limited pre-order packages such as the Founders' Program, Project Phoenix, and Saber Reinforcement packs.

Trial 'Mechs
MWO features sixteen Trial 'Mechs, two per each weight class for both Inner Sphere and Clan technology bases. These are not available for permanent purchase and can only be used in Trial 'Mech matchmaking modes and in certain events. They are designed to allow players to try a 'Mech type and variant before they spend their C-bills or XP on it.

Each 'Mech has an 'Mech skill tree, which is unlocked by playing the 'Mech in Trial 'Mech matches and earning a certain number of points based on the 'Mech's performance during that match. When a player earns enough points to unlock that specific 'Mech's skill tree they will receive that 'Mech and all its variants as part of their 'Mech's loadout, along with its special weapons and equipment and the ability to customize those weapon and equipment slots and a permanent 30% boost in C-bills and XP per match.

Special 'Mechs
In addition to the Trial 'Mechs, MWO also features a series of single-chassis 'Mech packs. These 'Mechs have been designed to fit within the MWO world's aesthetic while offering a unique and functional loadout for each. They are available for purchase in time-limited pre-order packs and in certain events, though the availability of these special 'Mechs is limited to a few tiers.

Hero 'Mechs
The first 'Mechs to be offered for permanent purchase were the UrbanMech, the Locust, the Shadow Hawk, and the Thunderbolt. These were a combination of the 'Mechs that were featured in Founders' Program, Project Phoenix and Saber Reinforcement packs. They were developed and sold individually to maintain a fan base while offering a niche design that PGI believed would not be as popular on the battlefield as the 'Mechs of previous collections.

While these 'Mechs were not the most popular among players, they were a way for PGI to offer new and different variants of the same chassis at a lower cost. They were designed to offer 'Mechs that were otherwise not available in time-limited Founder or Project Phoenix packs, but had been designed by the game's MechCommander line development team to be more suitable for the MWO world than the 'Mechs in those packs.

Platinum 'Mechs
In 2022 Platinum Variants were introduced as another 'Mech variant pack that was available to purchase in time-limited Founder and Project Phoenix packs, but only at a discounted price. Similar to the Hero 'Mechs, they were designed to provide a more affordable option for players who wanted a higher 'Mech rank than was possible through conventional 'Mech skilling. While the 'Mechs in these packs are standard variants, they also feature a Platinum pattern on their loadout and a lifetime per-match 30% boost in C-bills.

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