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If you love games that require you to fly, then you should check out Merge Aircraft. It is a free game that is available for PC and iPhone. The game requires you to merge airplanes to increase the speed and gain a 2x bonus. In addition, you can also purchase more airplanes and earn more money.

Merge Aircraft is available for Android devices, too. Players can select a plane to fly, then follow an arc to the merge point. They can also choose to ignore the merge. A warning message is displayed if the aircraft does not have the same fuel type. Once the airplane has been merged, it is moved to the destination.

Point Merge is a technique that was developed to improve flight efficiency and reduce the workload on controllers. This technique reduces the number of arcs that must be drawn in order to keep an aircraft in the correct landing order. Moreover, it greatly minimizes noise impact.

Currently, Point Merge is operational at 38 airports on four continents. It is expected to provide benefits in terms of improved airspace management, capacity improvement and safety. Among these benefits is the reduction of radar vectoring.

The first version of the Point Merge system was developed by EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre. Several validation exercises were carried out. In these, ANSPs from Norway and Ireland were involved.

Point Merge is now used at several airports in Europe, Africa and North America. One of the most important tools in the aviation industry, it is expected to reduce the noise impact, fuel burn and pilot situational awareness. Besides, it is expected to increase the mission readiness of pilots.

To use Point Merge, an airport must have a merge point. This point is usually situated near the runway, but it can be placed further out, depending on the requirements. After defining the merging point, controllers instruct the pilots to fly on the arc to the point.

When the planes approach the merging point, they will move through the best turn radius of the other plane. Then, the fighters will either engage each other or blow through each other. The fighters will then try to gain the guns solution on the other. However, it is possible that the opponent will turn before the merge point.

In the Paris airspace, a large re-design was needed. Eurocontrol conducted simulations with ANSPs from Norway and Ireland. These exercises helped them validate the Point Merge system.

Point Merge is a systemised procedure that is designed to sequence arriving traffic to a fixed fix. It is designed to achieve the desired separation of aircraft in a fixed time frame. While the method was originally designed for arrival sectors with spacing constraints, it can now be used for a variety of arrival flow scenarios.

Unlike traditional approaches to sequencing, Point Merge is expected to reduce controller workload and offer improved airspace management. Additionally, it can be maintained during approach, providing an optimal altitude for an aircraft to remain for a longer period of time.

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