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Merge Harvest - Play Poki Games Online
The Merge Harvest game is an interesting puzzle game that requires players to combine different objects to create new items. It has a storyline that follows a town man who becomes a virtual farmer. Throughout the game, the player is required to collect resources, cultivate crops and build structures. In addition to these, the player must also repair and upgrade various buildings in order to keep the farm running.

You can play the game using either your computer or your mobile device. The game is available on the website of, which features top quality free online games. Moreover, you can download the Merge Harvest VR set, which gives you the chance to play the game in VR.

As a virtual farmer, the player must harvest plants and fruits. To increase production, the player can plant several different types of crops. These crops can be harvested for a variety of products. This can include crops for edible fruits and vegetables, or seeds for all kinds of grains. Also, if the player wishes to get a faster pace of producing crops, they can merge plants to gain an extra speed.

To help the player, the game has several Creatures. Each Creature has a specific amount of stamina that can be used to harvest objects. If the creature runs out of stamina, it will revert to randomized behavior. When an object is harvested by another Creature, the player must tap the object to stop the harvesting process. However, if the player wants to harvest a different object, he must double-tap it and drag the Creature to it.

During the game, the player will need to unlock chests. Opening the chests will allow the player to gain energy and other useful materials. Besides the chests, players can also get bonuses by cooking or repairing houses.

Moreover, the player can merge objects with others to acquire bonus items. Some of the objects that can be harvested are flowers, fruits, mushrooms, eggs, and berries. Other objects require a certain number of minutes before they can be harvested. Another option to harvest is to cut down trees, which can give you free logs.

Among the many objectives, the player must build and repair houses, gather and harvest raw materials, and manage a playground. The player can also catch jewels and fish, which can be used for gold. They can also modernize their farm to add more storage space. Additionally, they can use the coins obtained from the Order Board to buy crops for their farm.

The player will also have to repair the building machinery on his farm. He can do so by acquiring resources, which he can obtain by completing quests, gathering items, and finding rare items. Besides, the player can upgrade his farm to enhance its storage capacity, which will allow him to keep a larger inventory of crops.

Lastly, the player can choose to explore the world of the game through the VR set. By playing the Merge Harvest VR game, the player can experience the wonderful world of the game without leaving their house.

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