Merge Number

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Merge Number is a puzzle game that looks simple at first, but can get very challenging. You can play it by yourself, or with friends and family. The game is full of strategy and fast-paced action, and will require a lot of thinking. If you have mastered the basic game, you will be able to progress to Merge Number Plus without too much trouble.

In this addictive puzzle game, you must drag and merge numbered blocks together to form a larger number. The larger the blocks, the harder it is. This game will improve your concentration, memory, and reflexes. It also has some cool extra features that can help you break the high score. This is an addictive game that is sure to improve your memory and concentration.

The first stage of Merge Number is to click on a group of identical objects and drag it to a single block. You will have to make sure that the numbers are exactly the same. This will prevent accidental merging. It is best to merge numbers in multiples of five. However, it is not recommended to merge numbers with a single block that are more than three units apart.

This game is a cross between 2048 and tile breaker. As you go through the game, you'll need to find stones with the same value and place. You can also select adjacent stones that are of the same value and merge them together. You will get a bonus point for larger matches. The number of stones you have on the board will determine the amount of points you'll earn for each merge.

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