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There are several kinds of monster trucks. Some are built specifically for high speeds while others are designed to conquer any terrain. You can find them on the street or in a show. They have massive tires, large displacement engines, and extra-tough suspensions. These vehicles are great for taking big hits. However, there are safety rules that you must follow if you plan to drive one. In order to avoid any accidents, you should always wear appropriate protective equipment.

Monster trucks are popular among modelers of all ages. One of the most popular brands is Traxxas, a company that has made its mark in the RC industry. The X-Maxx is a large-scale RC monster truck that can reach speeds of up to 50MPH. It also has a special modular chassis.

Many monster trucks have fiberglass bodies. This allows owners to develop a large variety of thematic concept trucks. Fiberglass bodies are easy to remove, allowing you to change your truck's appearance and style. Several RC manufacturers also sell scale versions of these popular monster trucks.

The first modern monster trucks were created in the late 1970s. A variety of different pickup trucks and SUVs were modified and then used as the basis for the first monster trucks. Some were built on a heavy-duty stock chassis, while other models were built on custom-built tubular chassis. Most modern monster trucks use fiberglass bodies and four-link suspensions.

The Bigfoot was the first monster truck to break the mold. It was developed by Bob Chandler and debuted in 1989. It was equipped with nitrogen gas shock absorbers, a full tubular chassis, and a triangulated four-link suspension system. He then drove it over a car in front of a crowd, filming it for promotional purposes.

Several companies have since followed Bigfoot's lead. Redcat Racing's Rampage MT, for example, has a 32cc engine and measures over two feet long.

Another brand of monster truck is the MotoTec Monster Truck 4x4. It features a four-wheel drive system, four Hi-Travel Shocks, and lights. This model comes standard with a 2.4GHz remote control. Additionally, it has an 18-inch wide seat, opening doors, and an Aux/Mp3 input.

Monster trucks are now used in numerous events and shows. Many of the biggest names in RC manufacture their own version of this popular vehicle. Other well-known companies include ARRMA(r) and Tamiya.

Several of these popular RC models are officially licensed by Monster Jam. While they are designed for kids, they are still fun for adults. If you're looking for a gift for your child, consider buying him or her one of these models. Whether you want to give them a ride around the neighborhood or a race on a track, this is a perfect option for you.

In addition to the Monster Jam series, other well-known promoters of monster truck events include Toughest Monster Truck Tour, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live!, and the Monster X Tour. All of these events tour through various locations in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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