Nekoman vs Gangster 2

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Nekoman Vs Gangster 2 - Poki Games Online
Nekoma is a name that has been around for quite some time but this is the first time that they have appeared in a Spring High tournament in five years. They also managed to place in the top four in their preliminaries, the granddaddy of them all. It's an accomplishment on its own and an impressive feat of scalability. On top of that, the team's resurgence is a boon for the volleyball community as a whole.

Of course, Nekoma is not the only club in town, and the game is just one of a slew of games on the docks at the Sumida City Gymnasium. Nonetheless, this match is the stuff that dreams are made of, and the fact that it's taking place on the day before Christmas makes it even more enticing. If you're in the mood to hit the gym, here's a few snags that are likely to be slain by the competition. In short, this is your neighborhood team's chance to shine.

The team isn't a household name to be reckoned with, but it has been a harbinger of good times in the past. During the heyday of the Nekoma dynasty, the club had a girls' volleyball team, a varsity basketball team and a slew of other perks to go with its sexiest sex name. A slew of notable alumni include such luminaries as the aforementioned Vanessa Bologna, who is the daughter of a ruthless mob boss and whose sexiness has led to the dubious nickname "Vampire Vanessa." She was also named a member of the Japanese soccer team in the 1990s, making her the ultimate female athlete.

Use WASD or Arrow keys for the player s movement Use W or Up arrow key twice for double jump