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Nova Covert Ops is a new addition to Starcraft II. It puts you in the boots of Nova, a Dominion Ghost from Wings of Liberty, and forces you to uncover the truth about your teammates and yourself.

The story is set after the events of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, and centers on the aftermath of that game. Players can play through two separate mission packs, which end with Valerian abdicating the throne. For those that want to do more, you can opt for three additional missions that focus on Nova's abilities. There are also bonus bosses, which are optional missions for players to complete. They are giant monsters that you can shoot to kill. You'll receive additional equipment if you defeat them.

Nova has been enlisted by the Dominion to investigate the threats posed by the Zerg. She's also been recruited by the Defenders of Man. These anti-Dominion groups are responsible for feral Zerg attacks. However, they've been unable to destroy the Dominion's fleets, leaving their planet defenseless. Fortunately, Nova has the means to fight them back.

As Nova's abilities begin to show, she begins to remember things she's done in the past. At one point, she remembers her time with Arcturus Mengsk. This helps her avoid treason against the Dominion. By doing so, she becomes less ruthless. But, she must clear her name.

In the first mission pack, Nova discovers that the Psi Emitter is luring zerg to the civilian world. She also discovers that she and the other Ghosts have been captured by the Defenders. During this time, Nova's memories have been distorted. Her visor displays a message that was written before her memories were erased.

Despite her memory loss, she's strong. Although she doesn't have the raw power to tear through squads like Kerrigan, she still has enough to kill the entire army if she sneaks around and uses her stealth abilities. Besides, she has a jump suit and cloaking suits to help her escape from danger.

Her abilities include sniping, cloaking, and pulse grenades. Her C-20A canister rifle is her default weapon, but she can also use her hellfire shotgun. Another ability, Don't Create a Martyr, enables her to mind control the enemy and block sensors. A later visor allows her to mind control the enemies, too.

Nova's ability to mind control the enemy is particularly effective, especially because she has a later visor that lets her mind control the sensor. This ability is useful in combat because it will neutralize detectors. Additionally, it will stun and damage opponents. If she calls in a nuke, the enemy AI will swarm to her, even if she's out of vision range.

Some of the best features of Nova Covert Ops are its satisfying combat, resource management, and time management. The game is also fast-paced, especially when you're sneaking around.

Nova's abilities include a variety of tactics, and she can throw marines in full Power Armor. She's also strong enough to tear through thick metal hatches. Lastly, her ghost suit gives her an advantage over standard troops.

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