Rabbitii 2

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Peter Rabbit has built himself a small family in his garden but he still can't shake his mischievous reputation. Eventually, he ventures out into the world, discovering a world where mischief is appreciated. Now, he must decide which kind of bunny he wants to become.

Amelia has taken Peter and Barnabas in. However, they are kept in a cage by the family. Barnabas manages to free Peter from his cage with the help of his crew. They include the creepy cat Tom Kitten, the boy named Samuel Whiskers, and the female rabbit, Mittens. After a little while, they return home to find their beloved Peter. In the meantime, they manage to steal some of the food from Amelia's fridge.

The second installment of the Peter Rabbit series continues the plot of no one wanted. The rabbits must protect each other and avoid being killed by evil creatures. The characters in the sequel are able to interact with each other in an unusual way. Besides being able to talk and interact with each other, you can also interact with other characters in the franchise.

The second sequel to the Peter Rabbit series takes the story forward a year after the first. The main characters return with a few new additions and a couple of surprises. The plot begins with the rabbits meeting Nigel Basil-Jones, the publisher of the Peter Rabbit books. Nigel Basil-Jones paints Peter as a bad seed, and he shows the rabbits a billboard for a potential Peter Rabbit movie. Peter then leaves the group after meeting Barnabas, a friend from his youth.