Skull Jump

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Skull Jump is a jumping reaction game. Ada, a character from the Geometry Dash series, is on a quest to catch a sparkly white skull. As she chases this skull, she must use good skills to avoid getting crushed. In order to win, she must make three jumps and avoid obstacles, which can hurt her.

While the game is fun and addictive, the gameplay has a few problems. First, the game is quite hard to master. The difficulty is high and the game is partly random. Players tap on the screen to make the skull jump, and hold to jump higher. The electro sounds put players in the mood for this challenging game. Players also have the option to compete with other players worldwide on a Leaderboard.

The IWHBYD skull is located at the start of the level "The Covenant". The player must start the level from the beginning on Heroic or Legendary and kill the Covenant, Truth, and Flood. Once the player kills the enemies, he or she must extend the bridge to the end of the level.