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Founded by Pep Gomez, Fever is an entertainment technology company that empowers creators to create and sell in-person experiences to a global audience. It has a mission to democratize access to culture and entertainment. Through innovative technology, the company helps users discover and enjoy unique local experiences. It also offers personalized recommendations.

In the past five years, Fever has expanded to over 60 cities around the globe. The company's success is based on smart technology and a team of dedicated creators. The company plans to continue expanding its services to more cities and regions as well as hire more employees. Its most recent funding round was led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and includes Alignment Growth, Goodwater Capital, Smash Capital, and Vitruvian Partners. Its revenues have grown by tenfold in the past year alone.

The company hosts pop-up events based on popular TV shows and movies. For example, the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience has welcomed 1.3 million guests to several US cities. It has also launched an online platform called FYER, which serves as a marketplace for live events. The site allows users to find concerts, theater, comedy shows, and more. Among other things, it helps users discover and purchase tickets to these events.

The company's recent funding round was also one of the largest ever for a live entertainment tech startup. It's estimated that the round was valued at over $1 billion. It was led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management's growth investment fund, and other investors included Smash Capital, Eurazeo, and Vitruvian Partners.

In the past five years, the company has grown its revenues by 10 times. In addition to expanding its services to more cities and regions, it has grown its market share. According to the company, its largest markets are the U.S. and Europe. During its growth, it has experienced a surge in business after the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of event organizers have had to adapt to attract the mass public.

As a result, Fever has become a leader in the live entertainment space. Currently, the company has over sixty cities in its network, and has grown its total revenue by over ten times in the last year. This is mainly due to the popularity of its digital show, which has been seen by over a million users. The company has also worked with a variety of entertainment creators to produce original experiences. It has been able to help them increase their production and generate targeted demand.

The company is focused on generating new business, as well as increasing production and improving logistics. Its new growth equity will allow the company to expand into other industries. It is also planning to invest in new technologies that will allow for more efficient operations. It also expects to grow its team by more than 50% over the next two years.

The company is based in Silicon Valley, where it has also created a game. The game is called Startup Fever and is played over a number of years. Players start their business from a humble paper industry, and as they build it up they can upgrade machines, hire employees, and unlock new office areas. The game is available for $60 MSRP. It's a fun and casual way to spend a night with friends. The game's graphics and artwork are beautiful.

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