Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland

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Subway Surfers World Tour - Iceland is the fifty-fifth edition of the popular game and the sixtyth installment of the Subway Surfers series. The game features a brand new character called Bjarki. He is a strong explorer who can earn you a Fisher Outfit and a Big Blue board. This game is challenging and requires skill to complete.

In this game, you can play as one of the gang's stomping characters and explore dozens of exotic locations. New locations are added throughout the game, and you'll have to perfect your skills by jumping up to grab coins and dodging trains. The adventure is sure to be full of adrenaline and excitement!

The game also includes a variety of characters from the Subway Surfers series. You can meet a few of these characters in this game, including the infamous Stickman Hook and the cute puppy, Rabbids. In addition to this, you can also play the game online.

Hoverboards are another addition to this game. Besides their usefulness for earning loot, hoverboards can give you an advantage and boost your speed or jump height. You can collect dozens of hoverboards or just stick to your favorites!



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