Tactical Weapon Pack 2

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Tactical Weapon Pack 2 is an action shooting HTML5 game that features over 100 realistic weapons and attachments. The game allows players to unlock new weapons as they level up and progress through the game. The game also allows you to create your own character and customize your weapons. You can also customize your skills and equipment, as well as test any weapon to see how realistic it is.

The game consists of eight different game types, each with different goals and objectives. There are over 100 weapons to choose from, and players can upgrade them by completing trials and earning money. They can also spend earned levels on their talent tree, which will improve their shooting skills. As a bonus, Tactical Weapon Pack 2 features multiple achievement systems.

Tactical Weapon Pack 2 is free to play online, and is compatible with most modern web browsers. It is available for all users and is a great addition to the Shooting and Action gaming genres. It has received 1 likes on user ratings on Arcade Spot. You can find more free games like Tactical Weapon Pack 2 by checking out Arcade Spot.

Tactical Weapon Pack 2 is a cool shooting game that challenges players to use their shooting skills in a variety of missions. You start out with basic weapons and then progress to more advanced ones. As you gain experience, you can unlock new weapons and compete with other players from all over the world. The game is highly competitive, so it is a good idea to practice for accuracy before playing a competitive match.