Tetris Slider

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Tetris Slider on Poki Games
Tetris Slider is a unique variation of the popular Tetris game. It combines the classic elements of the original game with a twist. The player rotates the falling blocks in order to move them to the bottom row. To advance to the next level, he or she must clear as many lines as possible.

In the classic game, pieces are dropped from a conveyor belt. The goal is to slide them to the proper positions on the board before they fall. If the pieces are positioned incorrectly, they must be removed from the board. The Tetris Slider allows you to play as a single player or with a group of players.

The game has several levels and a variety of difficulty settings. The game's basic mechanics are the same as the original, but the puzzle is a bit more challenging. In Tetris Slider, you move horizontal pieces down the grid. As you move the pieces up and down, they will move toward the bottom row, which lowers the height of the puzzle.

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