World Cup Fever

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World Cup Fever in the East End
Thousands of fans from around the world are preparing to travel to Russia to watch the World Cup. The hype for this year's tournament has been building for weeks, and the excitement is just starting to grow. While there are no clear favorites, Spain has a stellar squad with young, homegrown talent.

Some East End venues have been filling up with soccer fans in recent days. The Fifa Fan Festival was packed at 8pm, with hundreds of fans making their way to other activation sites along the Corniche.

Many locals have been streaming games at places like the Shagwong in Montauk, and the Pub at Rice has been the hub of the soccer fan community this past week. The schedule change has encouraged more discussion about the World Cup at Rice, and has led to more watch parties. In addition, the new schedule has gotten the attention of soccer fans from across the United States.

Some fans are using the schedule change as an opportunity to interact with different cultures and soccer fans. A senior at Baker College, David Pichardo, is a newcomer to the sport. He says the scheduling change has helped him understand the various soccer cultures of the U.S. and Argentina, and has helped him learn more about the history of the sport.

The Fifa Fan Festival is only the most recent of many watch parties that have occurred in the East End this year. In addition, more and more people are transforming their work routines to accommodate important match days.

The Kidd Squid brewery had a screen set up in their brewery, which was 10 feet in length and diagonally displayed games. Guests would glance at screens above the bar. They were able to watch games in both English and Spanish.

There is no doubt that the World Cup is shaping up to be the most watched in history. The USMNT did not qualify for the 2018 tournament, but there are homegrown talents in the tier 1 European leagues that will help the team succeed.

A junior at Baker College, Ramiro Cantu, has streamed games at Lovett College commons, and at the MultiCultural Center. The Sid Richardson commons have also been a hot spot for World Cup watch parties.

The UAE's World Cup is striking a family-friendly tone, compared to the boisterous, drunken atmosphere of Russia. The stadiums are not air conditioned, but the temperatures are in the mid-40s in July.

A couple of days ago, the USMNT tied with Wales in the evening. One of the teachers at Pierson High School said that students were watching games on iPhones during the school day. Some other teachers chose to lose out on the battle of watching the game during their academic support periods.

The USMNT is not expected to win this World Cup, but the tournament has provided a number of upsets. The tournament has always featured some controversial moments, and there is a chance that there may be another controversy this year.

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