Zombie Catcher Online

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Zombie Catcher Online Game Review on Poki Games
In Zombie Catcher Online, you play as a little alien who is hired to capture zombies. As you travel through the various worlds, you must be fast and accurate to catch the undead. You can improve your skills by collecting coins. In addition, you can buy new weapons and instruments.

The game is free to play but may contain in-app purchases. If you do not want to make purchases, you can disable them by turning off the in-app purchase option. You should also know that this game is meant for people aged 13 and above. It also has a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Zombie Catcher Online is a free to play action and adventure game. Players must use traps and weapons to capture zombies. There are 15 levels to complete. To progress through the game, you must collect coins to upgrade your skills and buy new weapons and gear. You can play the game on both PCs and mobile devices.

You can upgrade weapons by collecting coins and plutonium. You can use different weapons to fight different types of zombies. Each weapon has a different ammo capacity. Some weapons require a certain amount of plutonium to upgrade, while others require coins. The harpoon can be used to kill zombies. However, this weapon takes time to recharge.

If you want to be more successful in Zombie Catcher Online, you can level up your weapons and improve your range. Those with longer ranges and stronger shots can easily merge armored opponents. Moreover, you can use a net to catch large groups of enemies. You should also improve your harpoon rope and other weapons. These improvements will help you catch enemies faster and more efficiently.

You can also harvest zombies and sell them as food, juice, and candies. These products will increase your profits. As you advance in the game, you will get better hunting gear, unlock new locations, and even buy special costumes. In addition, you can also sell zombie parts to make more money.

Zombie Catcher Online is a free online game. If you're looking for a fun way to spend some time with zombies, then Zombie Catcher Online is the game for you. It's a unique experience for zombie lovers of all ages and skill levels.

The game's main currency is coins. These are obtained by completing daily quests, recycling items, and catching zombies. In addition to this, players can buy plutonium for in-game items. The plutonium you get can be used to upgrade your weapons and drones, and even to buy rare in-game items.

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