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Zombie Mod - Dead Block - Zombie Defense Games on Poki Games
Zombie Mod - Dead Block is an interesting new game that focuses on defensive gameplay. The player controls a construction worker, a traffic warden, or a perpetually hungry boy scout who must avoid Zombies by setting traps, building blockades, and using weapons to survive. The game features 10 single player levels and four player split screen multiplayer. It is designed for people of all ages and can be played solo or in co-op.

The game has an intense clicker gameplay with arcade elements. It is a never-ending, action-packed game, that requires a strong mind and thick skin to survive. This strategy game pits the player against other players and is challenging enough for newbies as well as veterans.

This zombie defense game can be played online for free. To play, you will need to use the arrow keys, space bar, and E. You will also need to have ammo to defend yourself from zombie attacks. The zombies will start attacking you at any moment, and you will need to use all of your ammo and other items around you to stop them.

The zombies are very dangerous and get bigger with each stage. Give your best shot to survive and have fun! You can buy health and other items to fight zombies and distract them. If you play the game well, you will be able to take down more zombies and be on top of the leaderboards.

Dead Block is a 3rd person zombie arcade game that combines tactical defense tactics with zombie killing. Players will defend their territory and collect new weapons to protect their base. The game will be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade. The developer is a Hamburg-based studio called Candygun Games.

Move left and right, jump