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If you're interested in car games, you'll find plenty of options available for Windows and Mac users. You'll find a wide variety of titles with different styles, controls, and game modes. You can choose from a wide variety of car models and even change the paint jobs of your cars! Some of these games also offer customizable difficulty levels. Some are free while others cost real money. Some fun car games involve playing a hypothetical question game. For example, you can ask your passengers to think of a movie that starts with the letter "T" and keep track of which movie they think is the most entertaining. Once someone gets stuck, the game ends. Another game involves remembering the names of various objects you see while driving. Another style of car games involves drifting, where you slide your car around corners in a continuous skid. You can try your hand at this in Russian Car Drift 3D or Drift Hunters. You can also play Grand Prix games, which are based on Formula 1. One of the best examples of this genre of games is the Monaco Grand Prix, a recreation of the popular PlayStation game of the same name. This title brought 3D racing to the home console.