Brick Racing 3d

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Poki Games - Brick Racing 3D
Brick Racing 3D is a fun game that allows you to take part in a world similar to Minecraft. You control characters who are racing down a road, and they gradually pick up speed as you progress. The game consists of several screens, each of which features a panel with spare parts and a small field where you can place your car. During the race, you must transfer these parts to improve your car.

Brick Race has some unique features, such as free random bricks, and a time trial mode that allows you to race against an opponent. You can also build your own Lego car in the game, which would be interesting. There are also a number of AI opponents who try to beat you. The gameplay is simple and fun, but it lacks excitement or real skill. Most of the gameplay is merely annoying music and dodging brick cars.

Drag to move the blocks