Colors separation.

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Colors separation is the process of separating different colors from a single image. This process is typically done using a photograph with colored filters. However, many desktop publishing systems can perform color separation using graphics stored on a computer. This capability is essential for full-color printing of documents on a computer. If you're printing directly to a color printer, color separation isn't necessary, as the color printers will perform the process internally.

The first step is to select a color in the image. You can do this by using the Eye-Dropper tool on the left toolbar. Then, choose a range of colors or a specific color. After choosing a color, press the Copy option. A preview window will appear. You can hide or show the main image layer to check the color that has been copied.

One of the most popular and versatile color separation software programs is Separo. It's a web-based program that doesn't require installation, and it has many different features. It's also a good choice for both beginners and experts alike. Moreover, it has automatic and manual adjustments. And, it's a good option for non-designers, as the interface is easy to use.

Colors separation software can help simplify the screen-printing process. It can reduce the number of screens used for each image, and can reduce the amount of materials and energy used during the process. In addition, color separation software can also expand the range of colors you can print with screen printing.