Couple Rich Rush

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Couple Rich Rush - A Poki Game Review
Couple Rich Rush is a parkour-style arcade game that involves a gamer boosting the wealth of a couple. In the game, players help the couple make their fortune by lending each other money and growing their business. By unlocking new doors and passing money to each other, players can boost their total sum. However, they should be careful not to spend too much money on unnecessary things like food and drink. Instead, they should use this money to dress up their house and furnish it.

Couple Rich Rush is an exciting new game that combines both fun and challenge. Players will compete against one another to collect money and make their couples rich. The game features a treadmill that they must use to run on while carrying money. They can also use force fields to increase their money. Once they have enough money, they can use it to decorate their house and garden.

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