Foot Starts

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The human walking gait cycle is broken down into three phases, called the stance, midstance, and swing. In each stage, the first contact with the ground is heel strike, during which the rest of the foot contacts the ground while the leg is fully supported. The next phase of the cycle is midstance, in which the center of mass lies directly over the ankle and hip joint. Finally, heel-off occurs when the heel of the opposing foot strikes the ground.

One way to stretch the foot muscles is to apply pressure to the toes with a towel or water bottle. You can even use a tennis ball. For this exercise, fold the towel lengthwise and put it between the ball of your foot and heel. Next, pull it towards you using both hands. Do this for about three minutes on each foot.

Foot health is important for a number of reasons. You need to protect your feet from cold temperatures, take steps to prevent injury, and ensure that your circulation is healthy. Additionally, you should have regular physical examinations and blood work so you can catch any problems early. In case of chronic foot pain, consider consulting with a podiatrist to see if treatment is needed.