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How the NCAA Selects Football Champs on Poki Games
In the 1950s, the NCAA did not have a consistent method for selecting national champions. It relied on various mathematical systems. For example, the Associated Press created a poll in 1935 that named three teams co-champions. In 1936, the AP chose Minnesota as the national champion. A few years later, the AP and the United Press merged and began the Coaches Poll, which has been the primary method of naming national champions since that year.

In the state of Washington, the football season began in late summer and ended in the rainy season of September. In a game played on a rainy, cold Saturday, Graham-Kapowsin came out on top against Lake Stevens 44-7. Josh Wood and Zach Lee led the team to victory.

The Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL) has awarded a football championship each year since 1914. The 2021 season saw six teams compete for the championship. In this league, there were a total of 107 football games played. The teams that won the most championships in 2021 were Aliquippa with 18 championships, Clairton with 14 titles, New Castle with 11 titles, and Jeannette with 10 each.

In the '60s, the national title was shared between Notre Dame and Alabama, but Notre Dame defeated the Tide in the Sugar Bowl. In the 1970s, the consensus champion was Nebraska. The year's AP poll put the Sooners at No. 1, but Texas and Oklahoma lost their bowl games to Nebraska and OSU. In the following season, Bama took No. 1 and upset the defending champs, Penn State.