Hot Bunny Girl

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Hot Bunny Girl - A Game of Its Kind
The hot bunny girl may be a fictional character in a comic book, but she is not the only one in the Anime genre. Indeed, there are many more than one rabbit in the family including, but not limited to, the immortal Legoshi aka Chiester, the sultry dandere Ini, and the brooding genius of the pack, Haru. And yes, there are those who are actually human.

There is actually a new entrant on the scene courtesy of the folks at Andles Games and their Hot Bunny Girl: a Game of its Kind, a mobile game that translates well to your PC. You can now take the show on the road and download it straight from your pocket. It's free, but not without a few snags. If you don't want to spend your hard-earned cash on this sexy title, you can always re-download it for a mere dollar. A game of its kind is a rare beast.

In particular, the Hot Bunny Girl: a Game Of its Kind is not for the faint of heart. But that isn't to say that the entire game isn't enjoyable, it's a good time if you aren't too busy attempting to kill everything in your path. So, while you're playing, don't forget to stock up on some of the many medicinal offerings available. Or you might be out of the game before you know it. Just make sure to do it in the right order. For more details, head over to the website. And don't forget to check out the latest edition of Andles e-magazine. From there, you can also download all of the latest GameLoop game and downloadable content courtesy of the company's game library.