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Ice Cube Man 2 is the fourth film in the Friday franchise. It is a comedy that is based on an adult theme and has been delayed several times due to a pandemic. The movie will star Ken Jeong, who also played a key character in The Hangover movies, and is familiar with scene-stealing. He is also repped by CAA and Aligned Entertainment.

As a teenager, he became interested in hip-hop and started writing lyrics. At age 16, he sold his first song to Eazy-E, who would go on to form N.W.A with him in Compton. However, he is not to be confused with the rapper Ice-T, who is not from South Central Los Angeles and whose name is not associated with the Friday franchise.

Ice Cube has been a rapper, actor, and television star since his debut in 1991. His breakthrough film was Boyz n the Hood, in which he portrayed Doughboy. Later, he released a successful solo album called AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, and a series of collaborative ventures with Dr. Dre, including a movie and a soundtrack.

Ice Cube also made his directorial debut with the 1998 film The Players Club. Among the characters in the script are a pair of youngsters in the hood who have beef with OGs. There is also a case of theft, which leads to the pair getting caught in a car chase.

The film was successful enough to inspire a sequel, and Ice Cube is reportedly working on the fourth Friday. He has submitted two scripts to Warner Bros. for the film, but they have yet to approve it. During a live taping of Drink Champs, he revealed why they rejected the scripts.

In addition to the two scripts, Ice Cube revealed why he was unable to get the studio to produce a fourth Friday. He also said that the company wanted him to write another script about a young boy in the hood who has trouble with his father.

While the script didn't go over well with Warner Bros., a couple of the songs were considered controversial, such as the "Death Certificate" song, which used homophobic language. The rapper also discussed his father's death, which was portrayed in the film.

The rapper recently performed the rap "Why We Thugs" at the VH1 Annual Hip Hop Honors. He also revealed that he's been in talks to work with Warner Bros. for the fourth Friday movie, tentatively titled Last Friday.

Ice Cube will be joining the cast of Ride Along 2. Kevin Hart and Charlie Day are returning as co-stars, along with Phil Hay, who helmed the original. And he's also joined by a new actor, Ken Jeong.

Ice Cube is a talented artist, who is known for his innovative musical style. His work has been praised by critics and fans. Aside from his success as a rapper, he has also starred in a number of films, including Friday, Higher Learning, and Fist Fight.