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Speedrun Platformer is a fast-paced adventure game. It's a great way to test your platforming and puzzle-solving skills. The game takes about two to three hours to complete on your first try, but you can beat the time with a little effort. You'll have to tap the right buttons to overcome dangerous trials and set a world record.

This retro-inspired videogame lets you race through many different environments in a bid to reach the goal. You'll have to get past obstacles, avoid falling over, and run fast enough to beat the timer. The game features a retro feel and features vintage-style graphics. It's an ideal choice for fans of retro games.

The game features retro-style music and pixel-art graphics. It has 40 levels with different settings, each with their own unique challenges. You'll need to avoid a variety of obstacles and collect coins and gems in order to complete your mission in the quickest time. The timer on each level is set at three minutes.

Super Meat Boy was released in 2010 and has gained a dedicated following. Its tight controls and fun levels make it a great speedrunning game. While it does have a steep learning curve, the game is rewarding for the dedicated players. And if you are looking to impress your gaming friends with a new skill, Super Meat Boy is a great choice.

Deadcore is another first-person platformer game that offers a great combination of puzzle, exploration, and speedrun tactics. It costs $10 on Steam and offers an online leaderboard for Speedruns. The game is distributed by Bandai Namco. The launch trailer features a demo character's jumping abilities, which may prove useful in a speedrun.

Among the most popular speedrun games, SUPERHOT is among the most popular. Optimized speedruns of this first-person shooter are jaw-dropping. They're reminiscent of the frame-perfect madness in Mirror's Edge. While it can take some practice to master, superhot's endless modes allow new players to hone their skills. The VR spin-off, meanwhile, offers an extra challenge for speedrunners.

Another enticing speedrun game is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! The NES classic is easy to learn, but it is far from easy. Even so, some speedrunners are so familiar with the controls and button combinations that they can play the game while blindfolded. There are even guides to help the player through the story mode.

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