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Bloo Kid 2 Review on Poki Games
Bloo Kid 2 is a retro-styled 2D platformer that pays homage to classic platform games. Its pixel-based graphics and retro style are reminiscent of the games of the 1990s, and you can play the game on a mobile device or even a PC. The developers, winterworks GmbH, have been developing platform games since the mid-90s and have taken a lot of inspiration from the classics that made the genre so popular.

Bloo Kid has a health system that consists of six hearts. These hearts are used to protect Bloo Kid from enemies and environmental hazards. If Bloo Kid loses all of his hearts, he fails the level and must start all over. The enemies have unique abilities and some require multiple hits to defeat them.

Bloo Kid is limited to running and jumping, but he can double jump, reach high and wide, and collect stars. He also has a limited arsenal of weapons. In some levels, he can pick up a fire power-up that grants him invincibility for a short time. In addition, he can also collect stars to restore his four-hit life bar. Ultimately, the goal is to finish each level within the time limit.

Bloo Kid 2 is not a Super Mario game, but it's a very enjoyable platformer that has plenty of replay value. The game has 60 levels and tons of things to collect. It's a great choice for the PlayStation 4 if you enjoy platform games, but you should be aware of the game's limitations.

Controls are easy in Bloo Kid 2, but enemies can get tricky at times. The enemy projectiles are randomly placed, so you must be careful to avoid them. Some enemies, like giant snowballs, shoot rocks at Bloo Kid. Thankfully, they can be destroyed by jumping on them. Other enemies are green frogs that shoot rocks out of their mouths and can cause damage when hit.

Move up, down, left and right