LadyBug Coloring Book With Magic Pen

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Miraculous Ladybug Coloring Book With Magic Pen
The Miraculous Ladybug Coloring Book is a colorful 80 page tome that is perfect for the ladybug obsessed child in your life. The aforementioned book also contains over 30 stickers, tracing sheets and several pages of fun activities for the ladybug curious to partake in. This fanciful coloring tome will make a nice stocking stuffer for the little one in your life.

The aforementioned book will no doubt give your little ones hours of quality playtime. In fact, a quick perusal of the contents reveals that the coloring book is actually a multi-pronged effort aimed at improving fine motor skills and spatial awareness. While the actual coloring task is far from a slam dunk, a bit of practice will ensure that your kids will get the hang of it in no time at all.

One of the more impressive parts of this deluxe coloring tome is its inclusion of a plethora of fun and games that will keep the ladies occupied for hours on end. The game includes a magic pen, color spray, a color bucket and an array of colored markers. It is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch, making it a perfect complement to the family's gaming arsenal. Kids can also save their creations to a device memory if they so choose. You can start over with the same membership that allows you to access the Wii U and Nintendo Switch Online in the event of a mishap.

One of the coolest features of the aforementioned coloring tome is its inclusion of the most important part of the Miraculous Ladybug story. When paired with Cat Noir and a dash of magic, the duo can do some pretty impressive things. Whether it is sabotaging an evil villain or fending off a nemesis, the duo is a powerful pair, and together they are the best of the best.

As mentioned in the title, the aforementioned book is the best way to teach your child that she or he deserves to have a few things to keep him or her busy. To this end, the aforementioned coloring tome includes a slew of stickers, markers and tracing sheets, all of which are perforated so that your kid's creations can be easily removed and framed. Additionally, a few pages of fun are thrown in for good measure.

The best part of the aforementioned LadyBug Coloring Book is that it is affordable, which makes it a great gift for the young and the young at heart. In addition to the aforementioned book, a couple of additional LadyBug toys are available for purchase, including the Disney Bundle, which includes an 80-page LadyBug activity book, a Luna door hanger, a couple of imagine ink stickers, and a bunch of other goodies that will keep your kid busy all day long.

User your finger if you are in mobile to color or to draw if you are in desktop pc or mac just use your mouse