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The Machine Crash Fighters is a free online game that is available on Android, iPhone and mobile web. It is a robot battle game where you build your own robot. You can use different weapons and parts to attack other players. There are different levels to unlock and you can also fight against the CPU.

In this game you play as either Crash or Tiny Tiger. Both versions of the game are optimized for Android, PC and iOS. Players can choose to use a variety of weapon types and different vehicle parts to fight against other players. However, it is important to remember that each enemy is automated, so players must be smart to win against them.

Upon defeating an opponent, you can get extra lives by collecting mojo. After you've collected mojo, you can then use it to restore your health. Using on-demand items can also provide temporary invincibility.

Aside from Crash, the game also features Aku Aku, a giant robot that acts as a shield and as a weapon. This titan is equipped with a purple stamina meter. With a full meter, Crash can mount the giant and attack. He has a light attack, which can be used to block enemy blocks and a heavy attack, which can destroy objects.

When Crash is not mounted on a titan, he can move around freely. If he's in mid-air, he can be attacked by other enemies. Besides fighting other titans, he can also collect mojo, which can be used to restore his health.

Aside from Crash, the Nintendo DS version of the game also features Arachnina, a spider-like robot. Nina Cortex, Doctor Neo Cortex's niece, appears in this game. She is a villain that promises to be more evil in the near future.

The game has a lot of content and there are four islands with different levels. Each island has a boss that can be defeated. Once a boss is defeated, you can access a new island. The Zragg version of the game also has a city, asteroids, zig-zagging walls and defense installations.

Crash can also be jacked into another titan, although it is much harder to defeat a larger titan. Larger machines usually have a better arsenal. But they're also more likely to fall over. Whenever Crash loses his health, he loses his life.

Tiny Tiger, Aku Aku and Crunch Bandicoot are also present in the Nintendo DS version of the game. These three characters are not present in the PlayStation 2 version.

The gameplay in the DS version is similar to the previous installments of the Crash series. Aside from the main character, the other players are the Titans, which are based on the original film, and Uka Uka, a character who replaces Cortex. As a player, you must fight against the evil Doctor Neo Cortex.

There are also 15 unique titans to choose from. Some titans are immune to Crash's attacks, and others have a more powerful move set.

Use mouse or touch on your mobile device