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If you're unfamiliar with the movie Deep Sea Mutant Snake, it is a Chinese monster film set in the year 2022. Directed by Wu Yang and starring Luo Sang Qun Pei, Li Zixiong, and Zhao Yixin, this giant serpent movie has a few interesting effects.

The movie starts with a scientist's experiment going wrong. Then, the main character, Jason, goes on a cruise with his girlfriend, Qin Yu. It turns out that they come across a white snake in Australia. A local resident gave the snake to Territory Wildlife Park on June 15. Soon afterwards, the park posted photographs of the snake on Facebook. However, the snake turned out to be a mutant.

In this case, the mutation is a lyst shortening mutation. The lyst, a protein involved in the biosynthesis of melanosomes, was altered from 2,666 aa to 336 aa. Consequently, the snake is white and lacks pink eyes.

These genetic mutations are good news to herpetologists. Interestingly, the ancestors of the modern slithery snakes, which have vestigial legs, once had full-featured arms.

Some of these morphs are not only colorful, but have patterns different from normal ball pythons. For example, the spider morph is a very interesting ball python mutation. Spider morph ball pythons often have thinner black pattern elements and larger brown patches. They also have a sharp contrast between the black and brown parts of the pattern.

Another interesting ball python mutation is the coral glow morph. This ball python morph is sex-linked. Despite being a compatible mutation, it isn't known why the coral glow morph produces high-contrast colors.

Many snakes have a gene that regulates the development of limbs. A ZRS (Zonal Receptor Signalling) mutation is a genetic variant that prevents the development of limbs. Previously, this had been only found in mice. Now, it is also seen in humans. Scientists have discovered that mutations in LYST and HPS affect the biogenesis of melanosomes.

Interestingly, there are a few mutant tiger snakes in the Australian wild. However, most of these species do not survive into adulthood. One park ranger, Grahame Stonehouse, lives among these animals and insists that they are harmless. She has been able to maintain captive lines by introducing morphs. Nevertheless, tiger snakes have only been able to reach adulthood in about one percent of the native population.

While the film is not quite as enjoyable as Rising Boas in a Girl's School, it's a decent monster film. Despite its generic characters, the film has plenty of action. As long as you don't expect too much from it, it's worth watching.

Those interested in this kaiju movie may want to check out its trailer on YouTube. Alternatively, it's available as a premium selection on YouKu's streaming platform. Ultimately, the film isn't a bad watch, and it's a better product than most of the creature features in China. Moreover, the effects are fairly well-done.

But if you are looking for a fun, non-predictable monster movie, don't go for Deep Sea Mutant Snake.

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