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Poki Games Online - Temple Run 2 Spooky Halloween Update
If you're into your spooky stuff you'll be happy to know that Temple Run 2 has been updated to include some of the most spooky locales in the app store. The latest update includes a tricked out Halloween map, a plethora of pumpkins and a slew of new ghouls to slay. As a bonus, players can now earn a bevy of festive tokens. You'll be able to spend them on in-app upgrades, new characters, ghouls, and more spooky goodies than you can shake a stick at. It's as fun as your favorite mobile game, but with the added bonus of a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, it'll be a great time and maybe you'll even get lucky enough to score a couple of treats yourself.

Obviously, the game is available on Android and iOS platforms. You can play it on your phone or your tablet, and you can also stream it to your laptop or desktop computer. Alternatively, you can also play it on your TV via a set-top box. In addition to the new map, the latest update added an all new multiplayer mode to the mix, a slew of new spooky ghouls and a slew of festive tokens.

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