Sausage Run

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A side-scrolling endless-runner game is the latest breakaway sensation for the iPhone and iPad. In Run Sausage Run, players guide a sausage through a world of dangers and obstacles. From slicing knives to whirring blades, you must avoid them all to survive. In addition, you can earn coins to unlock new characters and costumes. However, you must be careful not to run too fast, or you'll end up dying.

The idea for the Sausage Run was first proposed in the early 1990s as a scoreboard animation. The cartoon features three characters running toward a stadium, with the backdrop of the city of Milwaukee. A Milwaukee graphic designer named Michael Dillon presented the idea to Gabe Paul, then Vice President of Operations for the Brewers.

The Italian Sausage started out just for fun and decided to make it more than a hobby. Eventually, he became one of the better known competitors and has even been featured in a couple of low-budget films. He enjoys the attention, and his story caught the attention of the Brewers.

In 2006, the Milwaukee Brewers added a new character to the race: a Chorizo. This was done to acknowledge the growing Latino fan base. Although the new addition was only part of the 2006 race, it was a nice gesture. In that year, the Milwaukee Brewers celebrated Cerveceros Day on July 29. Cervecero means "brewer" in Spanish, and on this day the Brewers wore Cerveceros jerseys. Since 2007, Chorizo became a regular participant of the Sausage Run.

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