Skateboard Challenge Game

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Skateboard Challenge Game on Poki Games
The Skateboard Challenge Game is a fun way to challenge yourself while skating. As you skate through the skateboarding obstacle course, you earn points for performing tricks and collecting letters. However, if you botch a trick, you lose all your points. In addition, the game requires you to complete words and collect coins in order to progress. Wiping out will make you fail a level.

This game combines the fun of skateboarding and arcade games. You control a skateboarder and have to jump over obstacles, collect coins, and complete tricks to progress to the next level. This game will also give you a taste of the different types of tricks you can perform while playing. You can even unlock new skateboard characters and complete challenges in the game.

In this game, you take control of a street skateboard party girl and have to jump over road blockers. This is a fun competition where you must cross hurdles, obstacles, and tricky tracks. You can play this game in the city or on the subway. If you want, you can even challenge your friends.

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